Beach Bucks

Do you want to have some extra FUN during your orthodontic treatment?

We are excited to tell you about our BEACH BUCKS PROGRAM! You have a chance to earn great rewards by being a Great Patient! Successful orthodontic treatment requires active participation and cooperation from our patients. To reward YOU for doing your part, we have great rewards you can get with BEACH BUCKS. You will have lots of chances to earn BEACH BUCKS . . . and it is easy. Refer to the BEACH BUCKS Guidelines for details. Now, you are probably wondering what to do with the BEACH BUCKS you earn. Keep them in the BEACH BUCKS folder until you are ready to turn them in for rewards of your choice. There are a number of exciting rewards to choose from. All the rewards are listed on the BEACH BUCKS REWARDS BOARD located next to the check-in computer.


  1. BEACH BUCKS are only rewarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Repair appointments do not apply.
  2. The number of BEACH BUCKS you earn at each visit is up to you based on our Guidelines.
  3. Your BEACH BUCKS are your responsibility. They are just like money. If you lose them, like money, they are gone.
  4. Once you spend your BEACH BUCKS on a reward, they are spent. You must earn more to purchase more rewards.
  5. The earning of BEACH BUCKS ends at the “Insert Retainer” appointment.


You will earn BEACH BUCKS each time you complete the following:

  • You can earn BEACH BUCKS before beginning active treatment
  • Schedule your next appointment before leaving the office Earn 1 BEACH BUCK
  • Arrive on time for your regular scheduled appointment Earn 3 BEACH BUCKS
  • Our “Thank You” for referring your friends to our office Earn 20 BEACH BUCKS

DURING ACTIVE TREATMENT (wearing appliance/braces) you can earn even more

  • Having your teeth brushed and toothbrush in hand before you are called Earn 1 BEACH BUCK
  • Wearing Alpine & Rafetto apparel to your regular scheduled appointment Earn 1 BEACH BUCK
  • Nothing loose or broken at your regular scheduled appointment Earn 5 BEACH BUCKS
  • Bring in documentation from your dentist that you have had your teeth cleaned Earn 20 BEACH BUCKS