Like me, many of you are probably wondering where did the summer go? The sun burning your shoulders, music festivals, spontaneous day trips to the beach or just hangin out from sun up till sun down with your bestie. All of a sudden the mad rush into fall has started. Back to school shopping, finding bus stops and new class rooms. It can be a bit stressful on the parent as well as the student. Especially going from a carefree summer schedule to a more strict school schedule. Establishing a routine early on will help everyone feel more comfortable.

Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement…and some anxiety. Will I like my teacher? Will I know anybody? Should I sign up for a new sport or try out for the band? For those of you that have braces and are considering playing sports that require a mouth guard but are wondering “Can I still play sports with braces?” The answer is a resounding “Yes you can!” Keeping your teeth protected from trauma while wearing braces is important which is why Dr. Rafetto and Dr. Fiss recommend wearing an orthodontic mouth guard while playing sports. It is necessary for sports like football, hockey, and rugby, and highly recommended for baseball, soccer and basketball. We will provide you with a mouth guard at our office. There are many different sizes and colors. If you have any questions or concerns about sports and braces just have a conversation with any of our helpful and knowledgeable technicians. Now some of you may have similar concerns about playing an instrument with braces. I assure you that wearing braces will not interfere with your instrument playing. There may be an adjustment period, just like there is an adjustment period getting used to your braces. I suggest waiting to play your instrument until your braces have become comfortable. A little extra practice until your mouth feels used to playing with braces, you can place a bit of wax on the brackets if you need to. Like most new things, it just takes getting used to but in no time at all you’ll be making beautiful music!

So, gang a few things to keep in your backpack :

*travel toothbrush

*water bottle

*floss/floss threader

*retainer case

*extra rubber bands

Do not leave your retainers on your lunch tray! Always keep them in the case we provide for you. Get an extra if you need it. You CAN eat with your elastic’s in your mouth!! Nice try though…If you do remove them to eat, PLEASE replace them with a FRESH pair immediately afterward. Try and brush after lunch if you can or at least swish and rinse with water and brush when you get home.

Our family here at ARO is so excited for all of you beginning this new school year. Seeing old friends, and making new ones. Sometimes a familiar face in the crowd can make all the difference, but if there is someone standing alone looking a little lost, give them a friendly smile too. Whether you’re debuting a brand new, brace free smile or one with snazzy school colors or maybe even fooling your classmates with Invisalign, let your SMILE be the first thing they notice about you. Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons……;)