A Flexible Spending Account sounds like something that should be used for something much more fun than it actually is, don’t ya think? In any case, it is a pretty good thing to have. A Flex Spend Account is a popular benefit offered by many employers that allows participants to avoid taxation on money spent for health care and dependent expenses. At many workplaces, it is open enrollment when employees are given up to 30 days to make changes to their benefit plans.

An important rule for Flexible Spending Accounts, is that the money which is allocated for the plan year must be used by the end of that year. Any money not used will be forfeited and lost. If you have a flex spend account that you would like to apply towards orthodontic treatment, please contact us so that we may evaluate any members of your family for which the money has been set aside for. It’s also a great time to plan for any expenses next year!

We look forward to giving you a healthy, beautiful smile!!!