Guys! It’s here! Summah-Summah-Summah-time…..Summer time!! Sunny skies, salty air, flip flops and sandy feet. For kids, it means no school, for adults, it may mean a week away somewhere lying on a beach, hiking in the mountains or visiting family you haven’t seen in awhile. Summer vacations are unique for everyone. For example, one of the greatest things about vacation is never knowing what day it is… 🙂 Or having nothing to do and all day to do it. We want you guys to have an amazing time, so send us postcards and bring us pictures! And whether you’re flying off to a remote island or just lounging by the pool you still have to be diligent about your braces, rubber bands, appliances and retainers. Whaaa!! I know, I just threw shade all over your summer sun. But not really, we just don’t want you to slow down treatment time by not wearing rubber bands or have teeth shift because you didn’t wear your retainers. See? I’m looking out for you guys… 🙂 Here are a few tips to keep you on top of things this summer.

Keep all scheduled appointments. Most appointments are scheduled weeks in advance so if you miss yours, it may take a little longer to reschedule. Be prepared before you go away on any trips. If you have a removable appliance or are wearing retainers, make sure you take them in their case. You can stop by the office and grab an extra if you need it. If you are wearing braces take plenty of dental wax in case of poking wires or other mouth irritations caused by a bracket. For those who are wearing rubber bands take bags of them with you. Swing by and grab as many as you need. Travel tooth brushes, mouth wash, water bottle and floss should all also be in your orthodontic travel bag.

Remove clear retainers or aligners before swimming. If they fall out of your mouth in a pool or ocean then some lucky fish will have them in in no time. Put them in the case while swimming and be sure to put them back in your mouth when you are done. Continue to brush/clean your retainers or removable appliances every morning and night. Summertime is also known for its fun foods and candy. Boardwalk fries and fudge….heck yes!!!!  Still gotta avoid the sticky chewy stuff though. No caramel popcorn, taffy or snow cones with the crunchy ice.  And always wear sunscreen!! If you run into any problems while away, please call our office and speak to one of our helpful technicians. We at Alpine and Rafetto hope you all have a fun fabulous summer!!

Stay Salty My Friends…… 🙂