Hey there Ghouls and Goblins! Are you guys getting ready for the big night?? Have you picked out a costume? Batman? Wonder Woman? Elsa from Frozen? Kylie Jenner?!? It’s so much fun dressing up for Halloween. Going “trick or treating” or maybe a Halloween party. It really doesn’t matter, because we all want one thing…..CANDY!!! And we can all indulge our sweet tooth, even those of you who are wearing braces, Invisalign or retainers. It’s ironic that National Orthodontic Month and Halloween are in the same month…..who’d a thunk it?

So just a few things to keep in mind while sorting through your stash. If you have Invisalign make sure you remove them before eating any of your candy. Put them in your case and put them back in after you’ve brushed or rinsed with water. But remember, your aligners are meant to be worn at least 23 hours a day. Same rules apply for retainers or appliances that must be worn full time. With braces, your candy selection may be narrowed down a little bit but that’s ok. You can always play “tradesies” with a sibling or best friend. Dumping out a plastic pumpkin at the end of the night and sitting across from your friends bargaining for candy is half the fun!

The obvious no no’s would be candy apples or caramel apples. Also on the Don’t Even Think About It List are Tootsie Rolls, Starbursts, Butterfingers, Sugar Babies, Jolly Ranchers and even Snickers. These types of hard, sticky, chewy candy can break brackets or bend wires. Both of which can extend your treatment time. Think of a bent wire like a train track. If the track is straight, then the train travels straight, if the track is crooked….well the train, just like your tooth, would make a hard left into Wonkeysville. I think you get my point…. 😉

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of deliciously yummy candy for you to make a grab for. Anything pure chocolate like a Hershey Bar or Dove Minis, Three Musketeers, Milky Way, Hershey Kisses, Junior Mints/Peppermint Patties and everyone’s favorite Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Even candy corn is allowed – just remember all of these candies contain sugar, so you MUST brush your teeth after indulging. Make sure you check for broken or loose brackets, broken or bent wires in the days after and call either of our ARO offices in Pike Creek or Fairfax to schedule a repair if necessary. Have fun “trick or treating” and have a SPOOKTACULAR  HALLOWEEN !!!!!