What to Do in Case of Emergency

Call our office as soon as possible if you break or loosen any of your appliances/braces. Please do not come directly to the office by calling us, you will allow us to create a time to see you. Even if you have a regular appointment scheduled, call us immediately to notify us if you need an appliance repaired.


Loose Brackets or Bands

A loose bracket or band can be left in place until your next visit. Do notify us so that we can schedule additional time to repair it. If it is bothersome, cut the wire using a clean nail clippers and slip the bracket off. Tuck the wire under and bring the bracket to your next appointment.

Wire Irritations

Sometimes discomfort caused by a wire on your braces can be resolved by moving the wire away from the irritated area with a cotton swab or eraser. If the wire will not move, try covering the end of it with a small piece of cotton or a small amount of wax. If the wire is painful, you can cut it with nail clippers or scissors that have been washed and sterilized in alcohol. If you cannot resolve the wire irritation, call our office for an appointment.

Lost Separator

Most patients lose a separator during their treatment. Do not worry about losing a separator, but call our office to see if it needs to be replaced.

Discomfort with your orthodontic appointment

During the first week after your braces are in place and routine adjustments are complete, you will likely feel some pain, soreness or discomfort. You may take acetaminophen or other non-aspirin pain relievers while you adjust to your new braces. A warm wash cloth or heating pad may reduce the soreness in your jaws.

Handling Minor Brace Repairs

When to Call the Office

If you make any of the adjustments we’ve mentioned, call the office as soon as possible, during regular office hours, so that we can schedule time to make repairs. CALL EVEN IF YOU HAVE A SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT, because a repair may take longer than the time allotted for a regular appointment.

If you are unable to alleviate the problem on your own, please call. We are always available to assist you.

Direct injuries to the mouth or teeth- immediately ice the area and call your regular dentist. After seeing your dentist, we will need to replace any broken or displaced appliances as soon as possible (depending upon the patient’s comfort level).


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