During these uncertain times, we are seeing neighborhoods and towns posting signs with positive messages and phrases to encourage passers by. Delaware resident and our very own patient – Emma, made the local news for doing just that!

 Dr. Mark Fiss would like to express his support and give some advice on how to stay mentally healthy at this time in the form of the acronym, “BeSafe.BeWell.GoSmile.”

B = Believe… Believe in yourself and the community – without a heathy level of confidence in yourself and the community we cannot be happy.

E = Event… How we react to a specific event often determines the outcome, so continue to practice social distancing, self-containment, and any other recommendation brought forth by the health officials so we can do our part in leveling the curve.


S = Spirit… One random act of kindness can lift someone’s spirit more than you may know, and if that opportunity arises, please be kind.

A = Active… Use this time to remain active or make healthy changes to your daily routine.  Go outside, get some fresh air, and appreciate the beauty of nature while practicing social distancing.

F = Faith… Keep the faith and hold on because things will get better.

E = Energy… Remain positive, and know that the positive energy you pass on to another is capable of healing.


B = Brave… When faced with adversity, be brave for those around you.

E = Empathy… This is a great time to show empathy to your neighbors.  Show them patience, listen to them, understand what they may going through, and be kind.


W = Wonder… If you are using some of this time to catch up on missed videos through Netflix or Amazon Prime, consider making time for the movie “Wonder” and learning that, “courage, kindness, friendship and character are qualities that define us as human beings and propel us, on occasion, to greatness”.

E = Enthusiasm… Enthusiasm may be the best protection in any situation, so attack life with all the enthusiasm you have.

L = Laugh… Always find a reason to laugh, for laughter is contagious, and it may remove us from all the concerning current events if only for a brief moment.

L = Love… There is no virus that can destroy how we love, listen or serve.





G = Gratitude… Gratitude is a truly magnificent emotion capable of elevating our mood while filling us with joy.  So please be thankful for everyone who is making a difference in our community at this time from the healthcare professionals and those delivering supplies across the country, to those working late checking the supplies and stocking the shelves so we can find the necessary essentials to carry on.

O = Opportunity… The current situation is giving you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life.  Improved self-care, like exercise, positive change in diet, or meditation can increase wellness, while decreasing stress levels.


S = Support… Support your friends and family, listen to them, share with them, celebrate them, and remind them of their importance.

M = Mindfulness… During this moment of self-containment, practice being fully present in life and completely aware of what you are doing.  It is this mindfulness that reduces clutter in the mind, decreases stress levels, lowers anxiety and depression, while increasing memory capacity, brain function, and clarity.

I = Impact… Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone else’s well-being.  Look for a reason to have a positive impact on those around you.

L = Learn… Never lose the desire to learn something new and useful.  Use the current events as a learning experience to make tomorrow better a better place.

E = Encourage… Look for something positive everyday no matter how hard it might be, and encourage those around you to do the same.