Dear Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics Patients, Families, and Friends:

We are thrilled that our offices are open again and we are able to SMILE TOGETHER!

We have changed our arrival and check-in process.

What to Do Before Your Appointment
Brush your teeth at home. Our tooth brushing station is currently closed.
Use the restroom at home. Our bathroom is closed at this time.
Wear a face covering (mask, bandana, or scarf) to your appointment.
Do not drink anything cold or hot 30 minutes before you arrive, doing this could cause a false temperature reading. We will be checking patient temperatures with a forehead scanner to determine if the patient has a fever of 100.4 or greater. If so, or should you feel poorly, we will reschedule your appointment.
If you have been sick within the last 14 days of your appointment, you will need to reschedule. You will not be seen at our office until you are outside of this time frame and feeling well.

Arrival Protocol
Upon arrival, text the office with the patient’s full name to begin the check-in process.
Pike Creek: (302)932-0664
Fairfax: (302)932-0675
Dover: (302)757-1095

Please STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE, we will text 2 documents for the patient (or parent if the patient is under 18 years old) to complete on their smartphone.
Once the forms are completed and submitted, we will text to have the patient proceed inside to meet an ARO team member at the Wellness Checkpoint.
The patient and/or parent must wear a face covering (mask, bandana, or scarf) into the office

In adherence to social distancing protocols, OUR WAITING ROOM IS CLOSED to limit the number of people in the office at one time.
We ask only the scheduled patient be enter the office for the appointment, but fully understand and will accommodate a parent who wants to come inside with the child. In these situations, we will ask the parent to also complete the 2 documents.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and cooperation during this difficult and unprecedented period. We look forward to seeing you back in the office soon!

Warm regards,

Drs. Ray S. Rafetto, Mark R. Fiss, Hilda Oweisy and Team ARO
Be Safe. Be Well, Go Smile.