Meet Our Team

Behind every great orthodontic practice is a great team. Our staff is the cornerstone of our practice! We have the most dedicated and loyal staff available! Our team consists of associates who have the highest of technical training, and additionally, are the warmest and most caring professionals, who will provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

We have over 175 years of combined clinical technician experience. Our staff is constantly updating their skills by attending professional conferences and seminars.

We want you to enjoy coming to see us and we will do everything to provide you with the most exceptional of care and the most personalized of service!

Our Office Manager

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    Who knew that Vickie’s 15 years in the field of accounting and another 15 years in human resources, employee benefits, 401K and pension plans would ultimately bring her here to Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics as our Office Manager. She was guided to our office by a special friend in 2002. – “This was a new challenge and with an orthodontic office that was both well known and respected.”  Vickie quickly has become someone we CANNOT imagine our office without.  She continues to go out of her way to help keep the team well informed and happy with open lines of communication and ready and willing to take on a new project or a new challenge.  But no matter how busy her day or what she may be juggling, if you need something, Vickie always makes it a point to stop what she is doing and help with whatever you need.

Our Clinic Team

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    Kim began her career in the field of orthodontics in 1988. After only one year in the field she joined Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics – and we really couldn’t be luckier to have her. Kim’s roll at ARO is Clinical Supervisor.

    Kim really enjoys working with her hands and loves the challenge of working on a more involved case.  “I really enjoy working with our patients that require special needs.  It gives me great satisfaction when I can help put them at ease, take my time and really show them that it is not scary.  We are here to make every appointment a pleasant one, but I get a greater satisfaction with these kids when they go home happy with their experiences.”  Throughout the years, Kim’s desire to learn and genuine love of the technical aspect of orthodontics has helped her become one of the most gifted technicians the field has seen.  In addition to her role as a technician, she also holds the role as our clinic supervisor.  She shares our doctors’ views to keep our practice current on the latest techniques in orthodontics and will often attend continuing education seminars and travel for users meetings for our computer software.

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    Colleen graduated from Hodgson Vo-Tech in June of 1983.   She then went on to work in a pediatric/orthodontic office for 2 years and realized how much she enjoyed the orthodontic part of the dental field by “helping create beautiful smiles”.  She accepted a position at Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics in 1985. Colleen says, “It’s an amazing feeling to know that you made someone happy and made them feel confident and beautiful just by giving them straight teeth.” Along with her constant drive, dedication and close attention to detail over the years, Colleen has become one of our most senior technicians and quite an important part of our team.

    When she is not here at the office, Colleen loves to run, work-out and live healthy.  In fact, one of our painted murals in the clinic area is of a boardwalk – where we have named her own shop called: “Colleen’s Muscle Beach Gym”.  At your next appointment, you may hear the doctors and teammates tease her from time to time about her secretly loving the need to run upstairs to our lab then back down to the clinic as being an extra little workout!  “Raising 2 boys, you need a lot of energy and I feel that I bring that same energy to the workplace.”  We couldn’t agree more.

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    Kory was first introduced to our office in 1989 when she came in for an appointment as a New Patient to have her teeth and bite evaluated by Dr. Alpine.  Shortly after getting to know her, Dr Alpine knew he saw something special in her and asked if she was looking for a job!  Fortunately Kory was looking for a career change and before too long Kory was in the training process here at Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics!  Kory says she loves orthodontics because it gives her the feeling of “knowing I can make an impact on someones’s life”.  And she really has.   While she loves the feeling of accomplishment, Kory really enjoys the appointment when our patients get their braces off.  It is such a rewarding feeling all around.

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    Stacy started her dental career in 1985 with 5 of those years starting out in general dentistry, before specializing in Orthodontics. “I work for the best doctors and cannot imagine doing anything else.” She enjoys staying current on the latest techniques in orthodontics and she along with her teammates enjoy attending any of the continuing education seminars throughout the years.  She loves working with her hands and is glad that her role as a technician is more than just passing dental instruments to the doctor.   While educating our patients at each appointment, Stacy says “I always make a point to communicate and explain every step with my patients so there are no surprises.”  Stacy’s continued dedication and sharp attention to detail make her a very important part of our team.

    We appreciate how she will go out of her way to plan fun activities for our patients, our staff and doctors.  Making friends wherever she goes, Stacy’s outlook is to “live life to the fullest”, and she certainly does!  I cannot remember a time when Stacy’s calendar was ever empty.

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    Jenn was introduced to the orthodontic field in 1998 while studying at Delaware Tech.  She began working as a lab tech and quickly fell in love with the field and never looked back.  From there she became interested in learning all aspects of orthodontics and we consider ourselves so lucky to have acquired such an intelligent, fun-loving and dedicated teammate.

    “Working with patients and seeing their smiles change is very fulfilling” says Jenn. “Knowing you had a part in changing someone’s life is what keeps me loving orthodontics.”

    Although Jenn’s main role is an orthodontic technician, she is skilled and trained in many aspects of our office including meeting with patients and families before active treatment as their treatment coordinator.  In Jenn’s career she has quickly become one of the people you “go to” if you need an answer to your question.  We feel very fortunate that she chose us!

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    Jeanette has been in the field of orthodontics working as a technician since 1993 and joined our team at Alpine and Rafetto in October 2006 when her previous employer decided it was time to enjoy retirement.  We are so lucky Jeanette chose our office…  “It is a great pleasure to work with and learn from such innovative doctors and teammates.”  She has been such an asset with helping organize patient contests and keeping up with our social media.  She loves working one-on-one with her patients and having a positive impact on their orthodontic experience.  Her goal is to help create a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.  You can hear Jeanette’s cheery disposition and upbeat attitude all through the day while interacting with her patients.  She really goes out of her way to make every patient feel special and that today it is all about them.  “I am the happiest when I make someone smile.”  And you would be hard pressed to find a patient that didn’t have a smile while in Jeanette’s clinic chair.

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    Missy has over 20 years of both dental and orthodontic experience not including the 3 years of dental assisting completed at Delcastle High School where she also co-oped at an orthodontic office.  When doing the math, Missy exclaimed, “Wow – I am old!” when she realized this meant she has helped approximately 48,000 smiles!  And no, she is not old… haha!  She admits she has “always loved a pretty smile and what better career for me than helping make them?”  We agree.  After all these years Missy still truly loves what she does when she comes to work each day and we get the pleasure of seeing her smiles, talents and the incredible patience she has throughout the day.  A self admitted tooth lover, she most enjoys the variety that the orthodontic field offers over any other field as we see such a vast variety of cases all day.  No patient’s case is exactly like the other and that makes it both challenging and fun!   Her focus is always making sure that her patients receive exceptional quality care.

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    Jennifer began her orthodontic career in 1990 and we are happy that in 2013 she joined the ARO team. She went to Del-Tech where she completed the dental assisting certification program as well as a medical assistant program. Working in the dental field has always been something Jennifer was interested in and she was anxious to get her feet wet in that specialty. She now loves the field of orthodontics as she is able to work closely with her patients doing a variety of procedures and really enjoys watching the transformation from beginning to end. “It’s such a positive end result we are giving our patients-I am happy to be a part of that.” With every patient Jennifer says she makes a point to always greet them with a smile letting them know THEY are important.

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    Erica realized that she wanted to be in the dental field after attending Delcastle for Dental Assisting. Since graduating she has been working in the orthodontics field since January 1995. Before joining the Alpine and Rafetto team Erica was worked in the same practice for 20 years. She loves helping to give our patients a beautiful healthy smile and enjoys getting to know our patients and their family.

    We are so lucky to have such a talented team member like Erica. 

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    Shannon started her career in the dental field as a dental technician in 2003. In 2005 she found her love for orthodontics and has been assisting ever since. Shannon joined Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics for the opportunity to expand her knowledge and education in the orthodontic field. Shannon says “I’m honored to be working for the most educated and honest team of orthodontists around!”

    When you come to our office for your first visit, Shannon will be there to take your x-rays and photos. She is our New Patient technician as well as our orthodontic assistant in the clinic. If you call on Shannon she is always willing to help out in any area she can.

    Shannon loves getting to know our patients and has a feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day. Shannon brings a broad range of experience to the team and her passion for learning has made her a valued team member.

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    Alexis graduated from Delcastle Technical High School as a Certified Dental Assistant in 2013. In her senior year she co-oped at Progressive Dental for 2 years. Alexis joined Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics in January 2015. Alexis was so excited went she was awarded her own chair and has been a positive asset to our ARO team. Alexis realized she was interested in joining the Orthodontic field ever since 3rd grade.  Her dream came true at the age of 20. Her favorite part of Orthodontics is when she gets to remove the braces and see the smile on the patients face.  Alexis has enjoyed working and learning from her fellow co-workers.

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    Karen is our Orthodontic labtech, helping to keep the patients’ smiles looking great! For the past 29 years she has manufactured over 50,000 retainers/appliances.

    She is an invisible member of our team, working independently, combining mind and hand agility. Karen prepares the custom made retainers/appliances for our patients. It is that challenge that drew her to this profession and provides career satisfaction for her.

    Educated in the Christiana School system, “hands on experience”, and professional extension classes keep her current in her job.

    Our team is lucky to have Karen.

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    Lisa started with Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics in August 2016. She has 33 years of Dental and Orthodontic experience. After working in general dentistry for 14 years, she decided to branch out and try the “specialty” training in Orthodontics beginning a whole new journey.

    Lisa enjoys working in a field that is forever changing and updating with new techniques for patients to have a pleasant experience. After all, without “happy, “satisfied” patients there is not a practice!

    “So many people have fear when going to the dentist/orthodontist, I love that I can be part of a team that is consistently working to make them feel comfortable and at ease.” It satisfies Lisa to know that she can help calm patients anxiety. 

    Lisa feels blessed to be a part of ARO where team members are appreciated for their skill and ability. She hopes to be a long time employee of ARO and help these dedicated Dr’s and team continue to bring beautiful smiles to our patients.

Our Front Desk

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    Maribeth was a stay at home Mom of five children. In 2013 when her youngest was in kindergarten she transitioned back into the workforce at a general dentist office. Maribeth was first introduced to our practice in 2014 when her children began their orthodontic treatment with us. She really enjoyed bringing her children to their appointments and Maribeth is now part of our ARO team. Maribeth truly loves coming to work every day and finds her position truly rewarding. She loves meeting and working with our new patients and helping them achieve their goal of a beautiful and healthy smile.

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    Katie B

    Katie has worked as a technician at Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics since 2000 and is happy to say has assisted over 31,200 smiles in her career.  Previously working for Christiana Hospital in their MRI and CT department, continuing a job within the medical profession for her was important.  To see the excitement on the patients’ faces to get their braces on or to get their braces off is a huge part of why she loves what she does.  Katie also loves a challenge so the more crooked the teeth – the happier the she will be.  And shortly after Katie completed her training here, she was able to watch her crooked teeth become straight while going through the braces process as an adult!

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    Doreen is usually the first face you see when you walk into our Pike Creek location. Doreen has been part of the ARO front desk team since March 2001. She loves greeting patients and parents as they come in for their appointments.  What she enjoys most is seeing the patients smile after they get their braces off. Our front desk team would be lost without Doreen.

Our Treatment Coordinators

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    Katie W

    Katie was majoring in Criminal Justice when she began her career in the dental field in 2006. After graduating she realized that she loved working in the dental field and decided to continue down the dental path. Katie’s enthusiasm for learning paid off when she earned her fellowship with the American Association of Dental Office Managers in 2012; and she is very proud to claim that she is the first from Delaware to have earned this distinction!

    After 9 years in general dentistry, Katie thought it was time for a change and joined Alpine and Rafetto in July 2015. Katie was no stranger to ARO – she was a former patient and experienced first-hand the care and compassion of our team! As the newest face of the Treatment Coordinators, Katie introduces families to our practice through a fun and comfortable first appointment. “I love getting to know the patients, educating them on the orthodontic process, and watching their smiles blossom!” Katie is team-oriented and enjoys working with everyone in the practice (her “work family”) and she is even cross trained to work at the front desk if needed. 

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    Cathy has been a part of the orthodontic field since 1998.  She is a certified orthodontic technician through the American Association of Orthodontics and is a Delaware certified dental radiology technician.  Cathy chose to get into orthodontics when her orthodontist at the time asked her if she would be interested in working for him – and the rest is history!  She has loved working with the patients and creating beautiful smiles that truly change lives.  She was welcomed to Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics in 2012 and has quickly become an intricate part of our team.  “I love working with such great doctors and a phenomenal team.”  Cathy’s many talents and drive to learn allow her to work as both a technician and a treatment coordinator here at our office.  She helped play a large role in getting our Fairfax office up and running and we have her trained in so many aspects of the office that I cannot think of one thing she cannot do!  She is one of our several employees that travel over 45min everyday just so she can be a part of THIS office.  And that makes us feel pretty great.

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    Becky joined our practice in 1975 and brings a lot of her knowledge as a former patient and technician, as well as her experiences growing up as a child to her role as a treatment coordinator.  “I wanted braces so very badly, but being one of 7 children, it wasn’t until high school before my parents would consider treatment.  Dr. Alpine was so flexible with a financial payment plan my dad was able to start 3 of us at once.  I later realized what a big deal that was for our family and now bring that same flexibility to our patients and families.”  Becky’s character role within the office would be removing any fear or anxiety while building comfort and trust with her patients and their families.  When asked why she continues to be a part of this practice Becky tells us, “Drs Rafetto and Fiss really do care about their patients and our team really strives each day to always do their very best.”

    Becky’s strong work ethic, knowledge and warm heart has truly made her an asset to Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics and we are very lucky to have her here.

Our Financial Coordinators

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    Lisa started working at Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics in 2001 in the financial department as our financial coordinator.  She really enjoys her job and her detail oriented personality makes this such a good fit for both her and us!  “I love what I do and especially enjoy meeting new people and helping them along the way.”  Lisa goes out of her way for our patients and always takes the time to listen and help make arrangements that work for them.  She brings her upbeat demeanor to the office each day and makes it a point to make all of us laugh and smile.

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    Leslie went to DTCC and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Applied Science. In 1977 she began working in the orthodontic field. She has worked on approximately 88,800 patients over her many years. 

    After the birth of her second child, she went to work part time for an orthodontic practice. She was hired to work the front office but one busy summer day the office was short handed and she offered to help the technicians with what she could. She took and developed x-rays, took impressions and mixed cement. Slowly she learned more and more over her years there and eventually Leslie could work both areas for her other employer.

    She loved working with the children and watching them mature over the years of their orthodontic treatment. She loved their excitement when their braces were removed, and loved her part in making such beautiful smiles. In March 2015 she came to work for Alpine and Rafetto Orthodontics. ARO is lucky to have Leslie as part of their tea